DB-30500 Water to Oil Cooler

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This beast of a cooler is called "Big Ugly". It doesn't live up to it's name because this cooler is a work of art.  It has been in the market for 22 years and is a proven performer.  It is a water to oil cooler and incorporates a 58mm 2-pass oil cooler with an all aluminum construction.  A major benefit of water to oil coolers is that it not only keeps your oil cool by using your coolant but it also warms up the oil quicker to it's operating temperature reducing wear on your engine internals.  These are hand fabricated and fully tig-welded right here in Mooresville, NC.  



15.5" Length x 6.75" Height x 4.5" Depth



Oil          -12 AN Inlet/Outlet

Water      3/4" NPT Inlet/Outlet

Temp/Pressure  Sensor     1/2" NPT